Cookie Policy

What are cookie files and why do we use them?

Cookie is a small text file that your browser or application stores on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet). These files help the website to run smoothly and improve performance. With the help of cookie files, the use of the website is observed, the user experience is personalized and the website is improved. We also use cookie files to provide marketing offers tailored to your interests.

What types of cookie files do we use?

Various types of cookie files may be generated when visiting the ‘Padel Club’ LLC platform (


These cookie files make the website usable, provide access to basic functions such as page navigation, access to secure areas of the website and more. The website will not be able to function properly without these cookie files.


Analytical cookie files gather data on how visitors use the website, such as which page they visit most frequently. Online Padel Club LLC uses these files to improve website performance. However, some of them may be third-party cookie files (e.g. Google) and are used to obtain statistical data about website users.


These cookie files remember the choices made by the visitor so that it is not necessary to reset everything on each visit, for example consent to the cookie policy.

Third party cookie files:

Such cookie files facilitate the use of the website or are used to collect statistical data about users. For example, it allows the visitor to be authenticated with Google or Facebook or to receive personalized marketing offers.

How to delete cookie files?

Cookie files can be deleted directly from the web browser settings saved in the computer using the method of deleting cookie files. Please note that if you delete cookie files, you will not be able to use all the technical features of the website, which may negatively affect your user experience.